Transatlantic Cruises from Miami

stampMost cruises from Miami are round-trip excursions to the Bahamas or Caribbean and back. There are some opportunities, however, to embark on longer voyages from Miami, crossing the Atlantic and traveling to European destinations.

Most transatlantic crossings from the United States are repositioning cruises – special trips scheduled when it’s time for a cruise ship to relocate from one home port to another. Cunard’s Queen Mary II is the exception, sailing regularly between New York City and Southampton, England.

We’ve highlighted some 2016 transatlantic cruises from Miami below. Continue reading

Trans-Atlantic cruises from Miami 2014

Relax on a luxury cruise to Europe.

Relax on a luxury cruise to Europe.

One of the interesting cruises available is the Trans-Atlantic cruise, which are cruises that go from America to Europe. Several ships spend the winters in the Caribbean and the summers in Europe, so there are repositioning cruises to move the ships between the two destinations. Voyages from Florida to Europe happen in the early spring. The cruises are all one-way.

Azamara kicks things off with a 15-day cruise from Miami to Nice (France). It departs March 27, 2014. Oceania has a 14-day cruise from Miami to Barcelona leaving April 7. Continue reading