Oceania Marina Cruises from Miami

Oceania’s cruise ship “Marina” only has three cruises scheduled to depart from Miami this year, but they’re all pretty nice options for longer cruises: A transatlantic trip to Barcelona in April, a 10-day tour of the eastern Caribbean in November and a 14-night December cruise through the Panama Canal and down the Pacific coast of South America to Lima, Peru.

Cruises from Miami to Europe

MSC offers several cruises from Miami to Europe.

Did you know you can take a cruise from Miami to Europe? Or from Europe to Miami? It’s true, you can!

The cruise line offering the most cruises from Miami to Europe in 2024 and 2025 is MSC, which makes sense, since MSC is based in Europe (Italy). MSC’s European destinations include Lisbon, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain, and Naples, Rome, and Palermo in Italy.

For a real adventure, Azamara Onward has a 156-night Mediterranean cruise departing Miami on January 6, 2026. The ultimate destination for the cruise if Barcelona, Spain but there are over 80 ports of call along the way!

2024 & 2025 Cruises from Miami to Europe

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