Transatlantic Cruises From Miami in April

Cruises across the Atlantic from the US to Europe are most often associated with the traditional super-luxury cruises that travel from New York to England. But if you choose the right time of the year you can catch one of these transatlantic cruises out of Miami.

Repositioning Cruises From Miami To Europe

Atlantic Ocean crossings from Miami usually fall into one of two categories: repositioning cruises and portions of around-the-world cruises. The cruises departing from Miami in April are of the repositioning variety – the ships are being moved to Europe for the summer season. (You can find repositioning cruises coming the other direction in late summer and early autumn.)

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2017 Cruises to Europe from Miami

cruise-ship-2Although most Miami cruise departures head for warm Caribbean destinations, there are also a limited number of opportunities to cruise from Miami to Europe.

In 2017, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, and Oceania Cruises, all sail from Miami to various European destinations. These are all one-way cruises, so you’ll need to fly back home after your trip. Continue reading

Cruises from Miami to Europe

The Celebrity Reflection offers a cruise from Miami to Europe.

The Celebrity Reflection offers a cruise from Miami to Europe.

Did you know you can take a cruise from Miami to Europe? Or from Europe to Miami? It’s true, you can. It is the luxurious and fun way to travel between Europe and Florida.

There are 5 cruises from Europe to Miami this year. On October 1, Norwegian Cruise Line has a cruise from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Miami (Florida). On October 20, the same cruise line has a cruise from Barcelona (Spain) to Miami. On October 24, stylish Celebrity Cruises has a voyage from Harwich (England) to Miami. Celebrity also has a November 1 cruise from Rome (Italy) to Miami. And on December 9, award-winning Crystal Cruises offers a cruise from Barcelona (Spain) to Miami. Continue reading